What Our Clients Say

Kathy knew just how to communicate with the teachers, counselors and case managers in their language. I could never have managed this process by myself.

Bill Perry, Simi Valley, CA

Kathy Greco. You were the Guardian Angel we needed when our son Zachary was not getting the kindness,thoughtfulness,support and empathy during a very rough time in his early childhood education. We will never forget how you taught us to fight for his education and how you did just that for him. He wasn’t just another kid to you he was the son of someone who needed guidance and support for his parents and himself. We will never regret having you help Zachary to get what he needed to continue his education as he deserved.

Thank You Deb and Marcia!

Kathy Greco saved my life. 

I realized when my twin daughters were in 6thgrade, that they needed help in school. I knew they were smart but didn’t learn like everyone else. I have 2 older daughters so this was not my first time around the “school block”.

I met a “brick wall” at the public school they were at. I dove into reading the law, knew my kids had “rights” and that there were supposed to be help available. Meeting after meeting with teachers, administrators and the principal and still, no help. 

I was up against people who thought I was probably crazy and was asked by the principal: “how do you punish your kids when they don’t do well in school”.   That was it, I knew I had to hire someone who could help me.

I search high and low and found Kathy Greco through her “4 kids first” foundation. I was hesitant at first signing up for a year of support from Kathy. Best thing I ever did. It was wonderful having her in my “pocket” and being able to call her anytime knowing I had help and support without having to worry about how much it would cost. 

Kathy attended all our meetings, knew the law and what my children’s rights were. This woman is 100% behind helping kids and does not take no for an answer if your legal rights state otherwise.  Now we were getting somewhere. IEP & 504 plans in place. Accommodations that were right for my children.  As it is wisely stated: “help is only help if it is the right help”.  A blind man has little use for a wheel chair.

My kids who are graduating High School, will always have their learning disability but thanks to Kathy, they now know what tools and help they need in order to succeed. 

I couldn’t have done this without Kathy Greco.

Dr. Helle Leap